if only for the summer. the soundtrack.

20180141_10100678959248552_1843962862_o copy

Are you ready for, If Only for the Summer?

“I know, I know. I_m buggin_. You got a man. I shouldn_t be doin_ this. We shouldn_t be doin_ this, but… damn. Does it feel as right to you as it does to me?”-2



Check out the musical inspiration for the book, the characters, and everything in between below!

“You wanna ride over to Kay and Lamar_s with me?”





And get ready to meet Guy and Nova on July 29th!

School may be out, but class is still in session…

After a hectic school year with her classroom of first graders, Nova Grant is desperate for a break. So when her best friend invites her to spend the summer down in Miami, taking the vacation is a no-brainer. The only thing is, her best friend’s husband had the same idea, inviting his friend Guy Thompson to stay in the condo Nova was already guaranteed.

Set up or accidental… Fate or coincidental… the attraction between the two is undeniable from day one. But with their days under the sun numbered and plenty of lessons to learn between them, Guy and Nova still find themselves teetering the line of lust and love, even if it’s only for the summer…

if only for the summer

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