girl, have you met… dallas recap.

Photo Courtesy of Jillian Gee.

Girl, Have You Met… Dallas almost didn’t happen.

Not that Christina and I didn’t have the desire to put on the Girl, Have You Met… event for a second time because we absolutely did, or that the need for the event wasn’t there because it most certainly was. But Girl, Have You Met… almost didn’t happen simply because we couldn’t find the right location for it.



So many potentials, but the venues and prices just weren’t quite right.

In fact, we had pretty much decided to not have it at all in 2018 until… Dallas.

Dallas had only slightly been on our radar after a few readers mentioned it in their reviews of the event from last year. And even after the first rough internet search for venues, we had pushed it to the back of our minds – our bad.

Thankfully, it popped up again in the form of the perfect venue to host the amount of readers we envisioned attending – almost triple the amount we had in Houston. And let me tell you, these readers showed up and showed OUT. They were right on time for the panel, showed SO much love to our authors during the signing, and even sold a few of them out (myself included).


But let me backtrack a bit…

I knew this event was going to be something special the second I arrived at the hotel and they already knew what I was there for. In fact, “Romance novels? We have lots of people staying here for that event!” were her exact words, meaning we legitimately brought some business to the city. Our mighty tribe of devoted black romance readers and the authors whose pens don’t shy away from letting us know black romance matters.

That’s love.


When Christina and I arrived at the venue on Saturday, it was pretty much a blank slate outside of the tables and chairs the venue had set up for us. But when those volunteers showed up, they literally brought it to life! And not only did they bring it to life, they kept it alive without Christina and I having to do much of anything during the event outside of being a participating author.

Cameo. Carolyn. Deirdre. Marshall. Tenischa. Brande. Jos. Terri. Teresa. Samona. Jillian. 

Thank y’all SO much for everything. Seriously


Now onto my author-sisters. These incredibly brilliant, incredibly sweet group of women who lift each other up and genuinely support each other without thinking twice. I was grateful to absorb the many gems dropped during the panel discussion, thrilled to watch them all receive the love from readers that they deserve, and especially excited to hug up on them myself!

Nicole. Phyllis. Té. Danielle. Love. Jai. Mercy. AC. Bailey. Chencia. B. Love. 

Thank you all for not only deciding to participate as a member of the “Sophomore Class”, but trusting Christina and I to make your time and travel worthwhile. I hope the event was just as enjoyable for you all as it was for us!


Last, but certainly not least… To my partner in everything Girl, Have You Read… Christina C. Jones aka CCJ aka BBJ aka the black romance pusher. You are legit the best event planner I’ve ever met and I know some good ones! LOL

But seriously, thank you for lending your skills, creativity, and heart to the greater cause of giving black romance the platform it deserves and for letting me join you for the ride. Can’t wait to do it all again soon! 🙂

Photo Courtesy of Marshall Thompson

Girl, Have You Met… Dallas was only my fourth author event. And while they were all fantastic, I will always hold this one near and dear to my heart for the simple fact that it almost didn’t happen.

I’m so, so glad it did. 

Check out some of the event highlights below!

Also, check out a few of my personal highlights from #GHYM18. 🙂 

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P.S.: An honorable mention shoutout to Ma’Kayla for being super clutch and helping me at my table, to le baé for being patient and getting so much dope footage, to Byron for being the only one brave enough to do ladder stuff, and to Trina and JNic for trying to iron those insufferable table clothes LOL. 

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