new on audio. love unsolicited.

I’m super excited to announce that Love Unsolicited is now available as an audiobook!

This is the first that I’ve done without a publisher (automatically making it my baby lol), and it is only available for purchase through my shop linked below, so please help in spreading the word!


Need some convincing?


“Everything in this world is for sale to the people who can afford it…” 

Joella Mason knows the difference between what she needs and what she wants. But when the line between the two becomes especially thin, she finds herself on a quest for something missing, not expecting that to come in the package of a sexy stranger with an even sexier proposition. 

They share a night. Desires are fulfilled. But at what price? 

Find out in, Love Unsolicited.

Contains mature themes. 

What you will need to listen to your audiobook: The BookFunnel App
Directions: Download the BookFunnel App and create your free account. After purchasing your audiobook, enter your code in the BookFunnel app and your audiobook will appear in your library. 

For help or any technical assistance, contact  

No Refunds.

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