sneak peek #2. full court press.

The Trojans are back, and the Nymphs are still on the way!

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(note: sample is unedited and subject to change because stuff happens lol)


“I thought you said you invited ol’ girl?” 

It was the third time tonight that I’d heard that question. And I was just as irritated by it now as I had been when Zion asked me the same thing almost two hours ago and my boy, Karter, asked within the last thirty minutes since my response to it hadn’t been updated beyond, “I did.”

With a confused look, Yasmine took another glance at the dwindling crowd occupying the common area of our AirBNB before she followed up, “She did a drive-by and I missed her, or…?”

“Nah. Never showed.”    

“Well I guess that explains the “stood up on prom night” vibe you got goin’ right now,” Yasmine chuckled, the sound of it making me shoot a side eye her way as she asked, “Did she ever actually say she was coming though?”

“I mean, when I invited her after the game, she said she’d think about it. And when I DMed her the info and addy, she “liked” the message, so…” 

“So no,” Yasmine finished for me, adding another little giggle when she put her hand on my shoulder and offered an empathetic, “Can’t win ‘em all, brodie.” 

It was an accurate statement. But for whatever reason, I couldn’t accept it as the full truth in regards to this situation.

Actually, I knew the reason.

I’d felt the reason. 

From the moment Mikayla and I first locked eyes on the basketball court, the attraction was instant. And it only grew more intense as we competed against each other, watching the way she so fearlessly came at me and my teammates turning that level one attraction into full-blown lust since the shit was just… sexy.

She was sexy.

And feisty.

And a lil’ arrogant.

And slick at the mouth.

All things that probably should’ve been warning signs but were more like the light that my moth ass was immediately drawn to which was why I’d invited her to come tonight. But of course, instead of doing the easy thing of showing up, Mikayla had decided to test the limits of my “make me work for it” statement, that revelation making her absence a whole lot less surprising as I shook my sister off so that I could send Mikayla a new DM.

@XLLove_ : I see I really should’ve been beggin’ your pretty ass.

It was already well past midnight, so I honestly wasn’t expecting a response from her until the morning or later. But to my surprise, the message was immediately marked as “seen”, followed by the bubbles that signaled she was typing before I received a response that made me grin.

@MikkiNews : Would’ve loved to see it, TBH.

So I wasn’t trippin’.

Honestly, it was relieving to know I hadn’t completely misread the vibes between us since I was sure she wouldn’t have responded if she wasn’t at all interested in me. But I still wanted to know her reasons for not pulling up, or rather, if me not actually begging was the reason, leading me to type out, “Would it have made a difference?”

Again, her response was quick.

@MikkiNews : Not really lol. My decision was made the second you walked away. 

Just like that, I went from being relieved to being confused, frowning a little as I moved towards a quieter sitting area while replying, “And why is that?”

I could see that she was typing. But the bubbles kept popping up and then disappearing, leaving me to sit on the couch and wait until her message finally came through. 

@MikkiNews : Cause falling delusionally in love over one night of random rapper dick is not on this year’s vision board.

“Bro, what?” I said out loud to no one, laughing as I shook my head and typed, “Lol that’s a wild thing to say, mama. Especially considering I wasn’t even on that.”

Would I have been willing and ready to fuck her ‘til her wig was crooked if that’s where the night would’ve led us?


But the truth was, our little interactions throughout the game and the brief conversation we shared after it just hadn’t been enough for me. 

I wanted more of that. 

More of her.

Though according to the Omar Epps “Yeah right” GIF Mikayla responded with, it was clear she didn’t believe my initial claims, her digital reaction making me chuckle as I defended, “Lol I’m for real.” 

@MikkiNews : So what were you on then, Mr. Lovewell? 

@XLLove_ : I just wanted a lil’ more facetime with you before I left the city tomorrow, that’s all.

When the message wasn’t immediately marked as “seen”, I decided to pass the time by refreshing my Instagram feed so that I wouldn’t get too anxious. And that’s when I noticed she’d recently posted something to her story, the sight of her circled profile picture at the very top of the screen drawing my attention enough for me to click and see the meme that read, “I need the longest, drunkest, nastiest vacation ever” along with three pleading face emojis that she’d added herself.

Even though I was still waiting for her to reply to my last message, I couldn’t help sending another, more impulsive one in response to her story post. 

@XLLove_ : Me too. Let’s go.

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