now available for pre-order. can’t catch me audiobook.

The Houston Skyhawks are coming to audio!

I am so, so excited for y’all to hear Briyana and Lance as narrated by the incredible duo that is Wesleigh Siobhan and Jakobi Diem. And to give you all time to prepare yourselves accordingly, I’ve set up a lil’ pre-order situation with the audiobook officially releasing on May 26th which is Can’t Catch Me‘s two-year bookaversary.

Obviously, I couldn’t resist the connection lol

But anyway!

Use this link or the one below to pre-order your copy, and keep scrolling to check out an exclusive sample from Jakobi as Lance Hawkins aka Hawk 🙂


About The Book

Returning to her hometown was not in the plans, and neither was falling for her former best friend…

Briyana Hayes can’t seem to catch a break.

The job offer she expected after taking an unpaid internship at a major shoe company didn’t come through. The friend who’d offered her a place to stay suddenly gave her forty-eight hours to vacate after a misunderstanding. And when she’s forced to move back to her hometown to live with her father and his mistress-turned-wife, it almost seems impossible for things to get any worse… until she runs into her former best friend who’s only gotten fine with time.

With his sixth season as the starting linebacker for his hometown Houston Skyhawks on the horizon, the only thing Lance Hawkins is looking forward to is another year of getting paid and chasing accolades. But when he discovers that the girl he once considered his best friend is back in the city, he quickly finds himself intrigued by a different kind of pursuit after seeing how attractive she’s gotten.

Even with the fallout of the past, their undeniable chemistry as friends makes it impossible for the two of them to remain distant. And once romantic feelings get involved, it doesn’t take long for Briyana and Lance to find themselves on a journey of not only reestablishing what once was, but also exploring what could be.

Listening Time: 7 Hours and 30 Minutes

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