in the beginning. my fitness journey.

Recently – like maybe a month ago now – I began my latest quest to build my best body ever! By 25, I gotta have it together so what better time to start than immediately following my 24th birthday. Now don’t get me wrong, to the naked eye I probably look pretty in shape, butContinue reading “in the beginning. my fitness journey.”

the millennial struggle. social media part 2.

Social media plays such a big role in my everyday life that I felt the need to make another post about it. lol This one in particular focuses on Facebook and how we, as millennials, have a very unique relationship with this social media powerhouse. So… when Facebook first started, it was aimed at collegeContinue reading “the millennial struggle. social media part 2.”

song of the week.

This week’s song of the week comes from a special place in my heart. I’ve been reading (well, technically re-reading though they feel like new) the books from my first ever book series, Attractions & Distractions, trying to get my head right to write the last installment; Senior Year. (Pray for me, ya’ll lol) This particularContinue reading “song of the week.”

ten things i learned during my first month in houston.

I can’t believe I’ve already been living in Houston for a whole month! Time has seriously flown by, but not without a bunch of lessons. Nothing bad or life-threatening, just… lessons. lol  Anyway! Here are ten things i learned during my first month in H-town. 1. When they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas”, they’reContinue reading “ten things i learned during my first month in houston.”

sample sunday. the pregame ritual.

MANY thank yous to everyone who has already snagged a copy of The PreGame Ritual. For those of you who are still thinking about buying, here’s another sample to entice you. 🙂 I couldn’t believe what was happening but I knew it was real. In no time at all, the bill was paid with ourContinue reading “sample sunday. the pregame ritual.”