teaser tuesday. getting the edge

The excitement is unreal. Friday can’t come any sooner! College graduation is only the beginning for Ariel as she lands her dream job working for a record label in The Big Apple. Not only is it the beginning of her professional career, but also the beginning of an unexpected romance with Jamison, a self-assured recentContinue reading “teaser tuesday. getting the edge”

sample sunday. getting the edge

Whew! So I can’t hardly wait to release this bad boy! I actually…like real life might not be able to wait until April 10th lol. Ariel and Jamison are kind of like my favorites right now (until I get back into Alexis and Jaden of course lol). But here’s a sample to get you allContinue reading “sample sunday. getting the edge”

sample sunday. getting the edge.

Soooo….being that we are halfway through the Attractions & Distractions series, I decided to take a break from it. (I know I know, get the pitchforks out lol). It’ll definitely come, sooner than later, but I’ve been working on something a little different that I hope you all will enjoy just as much as A&D.Continue reading “sample sunday. getting the edge.”

teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Because it’s Tuesday…AND the book is out…AND the club is goin’ up. LOL (I’ll grow up one day…) Click HERE to purchase Attractions & Distractions : Sophomore Year. (this post was originally published at thebookwormlodge.com on 3/17/15)

sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Check out a Sample from the latest book of the Attractions & Distractions Series, Sophomore Year, now available on Amazon! I knew Jordan had planned to introduce me to his friends since I was gonna be around more often so I wasn’t surprised by the act. What I was surprised by was the way my mouthContinue reading “sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year”

ten random thoughts. the attractions & distractions series.

As I was working on editing Sophomore Year, a bunch of random ish came to my head about the series. Lucky for me, I have a blog space to get those random thoughts out and into the universe. 😉 1. Alexis’s taste in music is definitely, without a doubt, all me. Like can’t even front.Continue reading “ten random thoughts. the attractions & distractions series.”

teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Soooo….if all goes right in the world (pray for me ya’ll lol), Attractions & Distractions: Sophomore Year will be available on Amazon this time next week! But for now, a little teaser. 🙂 Your favorite college kids are back. Sophomore year is still a growing year, especially when it comes to Alexis and relationships. When unexpected circumstancesContinue reading “teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year”

sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

I wish I could put this out like…yesterday! But, I don’t want you all to judge me for my grammar errors so editing has to happen first ;/. Until then, enjoy this sample! I needed her. It had been far too long since the last time we made love. The way our bodies meshed togetherContinue reading “sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year”