audiobook deal. fwb series.

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the lessons we learn soundtrack/song of the week. 4/30.

Happy Monday! So if you’re subscribed to my newsletter (if you’re not and want to, you can do so here), you already know what’s going on! But for those of you who aren’t (I promise, I won’t hold it against you lol), then this is all news to you. 😉 The release date for, TheContinue reading “the lessons we learn soundtrack/song of the week. 4/30.”

sample sunday. the lessons we learn.

It’s been sooo long since I’ve done a Sample Sunday, but I’m SUPER excited to finally share a little bit of what I’ve been working on! If you’ve already read, The Games We Play, then these names will sound familiar. And if you haven’t…. well, I’m judging you! Lol Check out this sample from whatContinue reading “sample sunday. the lessons we learn.”