song of the week. 5/16.


Happy Monday to all three of you that read this!

LOL I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Anyway, this week’s song of the week is kind of random, but it’ll make sense once I explain.

This weekend, I finally gave Views –Drake’s latest album- a real, genuine listen and I came to the sad conclusion that while I do still enjoy Drake, this wasn’t my favorite album of his. I’m not sure if it’s the competitiveness of music right now with so much being released so fast (I’m still bumping Lemonade and Twenty 88 faithfully). Or am I simply growing out of Drake’s singing voice. Either way, I’d encourage you to listen and be the judge for yourself, but I’m not exactly ready to throw it in my rotation.

Well…. maybe some songs.

But definitely not the whole CD.

Nonetheless, this week’s song of the week is one of my favorite tracks featuring Drake (or not, depending on who’s album you were listening to). But this song is from way back when he was still an up-and-comer and his voice sounded different lol.

Told ya’ll it was random, right? 😉

Have a good week! ❤


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