release day. heated harmonies.

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So I have to tell y’all… Zalayah has been riding with me since Book 3, which is absolutely crazy to me. She’s obviously aged QUITE a bit since her first mention in Getting the Edge as the teenaged diva, but to have a character who’s been in my head since what was basically the beginning of my writing career finally get a book of her own is kind of giving me feels.


This one is special.

I hope you all enjoy. ❤


The music industry has always been her world, but it almost crushed his…

International superstar Zalayah is desperate to break out of her popstar box with a completely new image, a new look, and most importantly, a new sound. But after years of working with some of the biggest producers in the land, she knows she must go beyond the usual to get exactly what she’s looking for.

Gabriel has sworn off being in the music industry regardless of how talented he is as a musician. But when one of the biggest popstars in the world comes knocking at his door with a proposition he can’t refuse, his initial disdain quickly becomes a battle of the head and the heart as he finds himself not only falling under the guise of the industry but also falling for her.

Creating the perfect harmony in the studio is an easy feat. But when outside influences find their way inside, it’s only a matter of time before things become too hot to handle…

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