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Available Titles

(Note: Titles are *mostly* listed from oldest to newest, except for the series.)

12546218_10100493094063872_175397267_oThe Real Deal

Release Date: February 20, 2016

Reagan is living the dream.
She has a wonderful, fulfilling job working at the local community center. She has her own place and a comfortable lifestyle. The only thing she’s missing is someone to share it all with. Unfortunately, the second she thought she may have found the one was only a few short months before she found his fiancé. And now, the only way she can prove that she has really moved on from him is by showing off her new man. But there’s only one problem. The new man doesn’t actually exist.

Insert Gavin.
An innocent bystander and up-and-coming rapper caught in the chess match of Reagan’s game on his first day of community service. When she desperately needs him to fulfill the role as her boyfriend to save face, Gavin quickly finds ways to also benefit from their arrangement.

But what happens when the line between fulfilling a role and real companionship begins to blend? Can something that starts off as a deal between two strangers actually turn into something real?


A Rehearsal For Love12899624_10100512387005662_1044369445_o.png

Release Date: April 25, 2016

All Malia ever wanted in life was to become a full-time, professional dancer.
Unfortunately, barriers in the form of half-assed attempts at getting a college education, a less than supportive mother, and the lack of dance classes in her area stand in the way of achieving her ultimate goal.

But that all changes once choreographer Blaise Anthony comes to town, bringing both his experience in the dance industry and a brand new dance studio.

Malia is instantly captivated by the idea of not only being able to give her full attention to dance, but also to be trained by one of her idols in the process. But when the two finally collide on the dance floor, an undeniable chemistry that goes beyond an eight count arises.

And while Malia might’ve thought she was coming to dance towards her dreams, she quickly learns that she’s actually rehearsing for a whole lot more…


16491374_10100608480189152_1888361645_oAn Encore for Love

Release Date: March 9, 2017

Knox Riley is at the top of his game when it comes to the world of professional choreography. In fact, there’s only one other person in the field who even comes close to matching his stature.

Amerie Lambert.

Knox’s eye has been on Amerie since the day she first auditioned for one of his tours. And while the arrangement that developed between them soon after might’ve ended in disaster, Knox feels he’s being given a chance to redeem himself – and his personal life, in general – when he and Amerie are casted for the reality show, Choreographer Lane.

Too bad Amerie doesn’t see it the same way.

After avoiding Knox Riley for years, she’s completely apprehensive to anything that involves even being in the same room as him. But when he shows up to her office with an offer she can’t refuse, she quickly finds herself in a predicament that involves old desires being exposed, unresolved feelings resurfacing, and new boundaries being tested.

Once the line is crossed, there’s no turning back. But just because an encore is called for doesn’t guarantee it will be pretty…

(Note: This book is a spinoff of, A Rehearsal for Love. While it can be read as a standalone, it does contain major spoilers for that title.)


Love at First Spite13499689_10100534468978212_2028608795_o.png

Release Date: July 22, 2016

Love is not on the drink menu.

At least not for Nori Davis as she basks in the single life which includes frequent happy hour visits, lots of alone time in bed with her “favorite things”, and of course being sought after by guys she’s not interested in.

But when she’s caught off-guard by a man who’s a little different than usual – on a mission a little different than usual – she can’t help but to get lost in his seemingly impossible potential no matter how hard she tries to fight it.

Maxwell Watson doesn’t have time for a serious relationship. Between opening a lounge, being the owner of a lounge and… the lounge, there’s just no room for anything beyond it.

Still, when he notices one particular patron who is palpably dissatisfied with his business, going after her for more information isn’t even a question. And when more turns into a whirlwind of energy neither can deny – turns into an encounter that can’t be forgotten – Nori and Maxwell find themselves attempting to navigate what can only be identified as love at first… spite.


Also, check it out on this list of 100 Must-Read Romantic Comedies! 

In Spite of it All14215613_10100555510326182_1800727497_o

Release Date: October 8, 2016

Love is not on the drink menu.

At least not for Tiana St. Patrick as she nurses the broken heart caused by her ex after their sudden, unexpected, yet incredibly necessary break-up.

But when a generous stranger offers to jumpstart her healing process, and doubles down with a chance encounter at her business, she can’t help but wonder if his presence is worth something more than just a helping hand even though he seems to be exactly the type of guy she should be avoiding at all costs.

Kelvin Watson is a man on a mission. Between the lounge he co-owns with his big brother, and the ladies that frequent it, it’s no secret that he has plenty to keep himself busy.

Still, when a particular patron catches his eye and then manages to ease her way into his heart with her easygoing vibe and natural charm, he can’t help himself in pushing for something more. And when more turns into a discovery of past indiscretions, present reservations, and future obstacles, Tiana and Kelvin find themselves attempting to navigate their budding romance, in spite of it all.

(Note: This book is a spin-off of, Love at First Spite. While it can be read as a standalone, it does contain major spoilers for that title.)


15322489_10100584566906562_708684473_oAccidental Arrangements

Release Date: December 21, 2016

Not all arrangements are truly by design. Some happen by chance, by fate, by… accident.

Jules Tyler is in desperate need of a roommate. Levi Graham is in desperate need of a room. And while it may seem like the perfect match from the outside, it doesn’t take long for egos, expectations, and experiences to say otherwise.

But what happens when the proximity builds a chemistry between them that neither is prepared to handle? Will living as roommates become too much to bear? Or will it be the perfect jumpstart to a happily ever after?

(Note: While it can be read as a standalone, this book does contain major spoilers for the Spite Series.)


18339250_10100645537401202_1294145713_o copyHeated Harmonies

Release Date: May 13, 2017

The music industry has always been her world, but it almost crushed his…

International superstar Zalayah is desperate to break out of her popstar box with a completely new image, a new look, and most importantly, a new sound. But after years of working with some of the biggest producers in the land, she knows she must go beyond the usual to get exactly what she’s looking for.

Gabriel has sworn off being in the music industry regardless of how talented he is as a musician. But when one of the biggest popstars in the world comes knocking at his door with a proposition he can’t refuse, his initial disdain quickly becomes a battle of the head and the heart as he finds himself not only falling under the guise of the industry but also falling for her.

Creating the perfect harmony in the studio is an easy feat. But when outside influences find their way inside, it’s only a matter of time before things become too hot to handle…


If Only for the Summer20180141_10100678959248552_1843962862_o copy

Release Date: July 29, 2017

School may be out, but class is still in session…

After a hectic school year with her classroom of first graders, Nova Grant is desperate for a break. So when her best friend invites her to spend the summer down in Miami, taking the vacation is a no-brainer. The only thing is, her best friend’s husband had the same idea, inviting his friend Guy Thompson to stay in the condo Nova was already guaranteed.

Set up or accidental… Fate or coincidental… the attraction between the two is undeniable from day one. But with their days under the sun numbered and plenty of lessons to learn between them, Guy and Nova still find themselves teetering the line of lust and love, even if it’s only for the summer…


In His Corner22279003_10100708950346152_1707023250_o

Release Date: October 21, 2017

Train. Fight. Repeat.

That’s been Princeton “The Prince” Lattimore’s life for as long as he can remember. But when an interruption to his heavyweight champion world comes in the form of an alluring journalist who sees well beyond his undefeated stature, he quickly learns there’s a lot more to life outside of the boxing ring.

Write. Submit. Repeat.

As a budding journalist, Bella Stevenson is determined to solidify her place as one of the best writers in the game. But when she’s assigned to cover a boxing match – a sport she knows nothing about – she realizes that it’s going to take a lot more than just a good write-up to do so. And once chasing a good story turns into meeting the man of her wildest imagination, her world is quickly turned upside down in more ways than one.

Falling for each other proves to be an easy feat. But going the distance becomes the biggest challenge either of them has faced, especially as Princeton discovers who’s really in his corner…


Also, check it out on this list of Best Romance Novels of 2017!

The Games We Play26510328_10100742222428632_1920356864_o

Release Date: January 20, 2018

Chance Washington only has a few things on his mind when he embarks on a trip back to his hometown. Completing the assignment for work that’s sending him there in the first place, helping his mom make progress on her fixer-upper home, and catching up with some of his best friends who he doesn’t get to see often enough. What is not a part of those plans is hooking up with one of his best friend’s little sister. But it doesn’t take long for him to realize that just because you walk into a game with a strategy, doesn’t always mean things are going to go as planned.
Londyn Miller isn’t looking for a relationship; a casual fling more her thing after blowing through the limited dating options in her hometown. But when a handsome – familiar – face returns to town for an extended stay, the decision to pursue him for a little fun is an easy one; as long as she’s sure not to let that fun turn into real feelings while also managing to keep it all from her overprotective big brother.
Just like Chance, Londyn quickly learns that plans and strategy can only get you so far before you’re forced to make in-game adjustments. And when those in-game adjustments evolve into something neither expected, it becomes a race for the finish line that Chance nor Londyn saw coming…


The Lessons We Learn (FWB Book 2)

Release Date: May 7, 2018

Jayla Anthony had it all.
At least, that’s what it looked like from the outside. But from the inside looking out, she knew there was much more to life than her current situation. And when she decides to press the reset button on everything she thought she knew with her newly divorced status, her new occupation, and her move to a brand new town, she hardly expects that to somehow end up including the young, handsome security guard from her company’s building.

Khalid Irving is a man on the come-up now that he’s found a steady, good-paying job, a better living situation, and most importantly, a better outlook on life after a few years of no real direction. And now that he feels like he’s on the right track, he’s ready to pursue the woman who stole his attention the second she stepped into his building, even if that means he has to become her client first.

Jayla knows the risk of mixing business and pleasure. Khalid knows how bad he wants her. And when the two finally get together, the chemistry is electric.

But just because the fire is there, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a few tough lessons to learn along the way…

(Note: While this book can be read as a standalone, it’s highly recommended that you read, The Games We Play, first!)


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