sample sunday. getting the edge


Whew! So I can’t hardly wait to release this bad boy! I actually…like real life might not be able to wait until April 10th lol. Ariel and Jamison are kind of like my favorites right now (until I get back into Alexis and Jaden of course lol). But here’s a sample to get you all pumped and ready for April 10th!


“Ariel! Where have you been? I called you at least 100 times!” I was trying to find my place in the line-up for my college and Jasmine was right on my tracks like she didn’t have a place of her own to be.

“Doesn’t matter. I made it.” She crossed her arms over her chest, analyzing my demeanor. Jasmine and I had been the best of friends since I first got to college so she knew me well enough to know something was different. But I damn sure wasn’t in the mood to tell her exactly what. Unfortunately, I didn’t have to say anything for her to put two and two together.

“Oh my gosh. You…and Jamison. You little skank.”

I snatched her in close before I said, “Would you shut up? And don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“My college is last and since I was here on time unlike you, I know exactly where I have to be. But damn girl, it must’ve been good if it almost made you miss graduation.” I hadn’t had much time to even think about it. But now, since I had a free moment, I could remember every…blissful…stroke.

And did he really have to look that good first thing in the morning?

I was snapped out of my daydream by the sounds of the graduation processional music. Jasmine gave me a pat on the shoulder and a smile before strutting to the back of the line.

– & –

“Graduation has you glowing baby!” I smiled for the hundredth picture my parents had taken of me holding my diploma. A bunch by myself. A bunch with family members. A bunch with family friends. A bunch with them. But I would keep on smiling as it was a special moment, brought largely in part by the college fund they had set up for me from birth. As we arranged for yet another family photo, I was surprised to see a now familiar face watching me; waiting for me in the distance. I knew he was going to be at graduation, for his cousin Drew, but I didn’t think we would actually run into each other. After a few snaps, I told everyone I would be right back and headed his way.

“Congratulations Ariel. These are for you.” He handed me a bouquet of flowers and I couldn’t help but be flattered. Hell, there were people I had dated for months and never gotten flowers from and he was already giving them on the first day.

First and last.

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sample sunday. getting the edge.

Soooo….being that we are halfway through the Attractions & Distractions series, I decided to take a break from it. (I know I know, get the pitchforks out lol). It’ll definitely come, sooner than later, but I’ve been working on something a little different that I hope you all will enjoy just as much as A&D. To convince you that everything is all good, here’s a sample from my latest WIP (author jargon lol), Getting The Edge. Coming April 2015.


College graduation is only the beginning for Ariel as she lands her dream job working for a record label in The Big Apple. Not only is it the beginning of her professional career, but also the beginning of an unexpected romance with Jamison, a self-assured recent grad who is also getting his foot in the door of the music industry at a competing record label. The collision of business and pleasure is inevitable but when Ariel receives a personal assignment to help take down her label’s top competition, she’s forced to make a decision; her career or her newfound love? Just how far will she have to go to get the edge?


I poured myself a glass of water before I walked the couple of steps to the couch in my new studio apartment. Moving to NYC before I actually had a job was risky, but I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t believe in myself which I surely did. Some called me cocky, but it was usually the same people who had no idea how hard I worked to get to where I was. My parents were there, for the most part, but I still had to grind my way out of the hood just like many of the bosses holding positions that I saw myself getting in the future.

As I flipped through my basic cable channels, I couldn’t help but smiling when I landed on the movie, The Little Mermaid. It reminded me of her, the girl who stole a little piece of me with her charm, bold attitude, and sexy ass body. Oh, and crazy skills in the bedroom. You would think we had actually been together for some time the way I seemed to miss her touch. What was even crazier was the fact that I didn’t even get her number.

I picked up my phone and found Drew’s name in my contacts. Maybe he could help me out. I watched the animated sea animals sing until he answered.

“Yo, what’s up fam?”

“Drew. Question. Did you umm…get that one girl’s number from the club when I was out there?”

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teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Because it’s Tuesday…AND the book is out…AND the club is goin’ up. LOL (I’ll grow up one day…)

Click HERE to purchase Attractions & Distractions : Sophomore Year.


(this post was originally published at on 3/17/15)

sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Check out a Sample from the latest book of the Attractions & Distractions Series, Sophomore Year, now available on Amazon!

I knew Jordan had planned to introduce me to his friends since I was gonna be around more often so I wasn’t surprised by the act. What I was surprised by was the way my mouth seemed to go dry when we approached who I assumed Jordan was gonna introduce me to. Dude wasn’t even cute. He was fine.

Tall, caramel, muscular, tattooed, and fine.

“Little sister, this is my boy Bryson. Bryson, this is my bigheaded little sister I was tellin’ you about.”

Did he really have to add that? 

I tried to hide my instant attraction to the tall glass of water as he extended his hand to me. I returned the handshake and was taken aback by the vibrations that seemed to go through my body the second I touched his palm. I pulled my hand back hoping he hadn’t caught the same tremors.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Alexis. This dude has been talkin’ about you ever since you got back in town so I had to see what the hype was about.”


“Well you can believe everything good he had to say.”

“And the bad stuff?”

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ten random thoughts. the attractions & distractions series.

As I was working on editing Sophomore Year, a bunch of random ish came to my head about the series. Lucky for me, I have a blog space to get those random thoughts out and into the universe. 😉

1. Alexis’s taste in music is definitely, without a doubt, all me. Like can’t even front. The Twerk Tape does exist! (On Songza…best workout playlist evaaa.)

2. Speaking of her, I almost changed her name 3/4 of the way through Freshman Year because it was too close to my name, Alexandra.

3. Speaking of things being too close to me,#Bae still asks me to this day if he’ll read it and feel like dude in The Best Man (yes when the bathroom changed colors because he realized what Harper did lol). The answer is no. This is not my story. Yes, my experiences as a college student helped shape the book (parties in the union, drinking, etc.) but this is NOT my story.

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teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Soooo….if all goes right in the world (pray for me ya’ll lol), Attractions & Distractions: Sophomore Year will be available on Amazon this time next week! But for now, a little teaser. 🙂


Your favorite college kids are back.

Sophomore year is still a growing year, especially when it comes to Alexis and relationships. When unexpected circumstances put her under the same roof as Jaden for the school year, she’ll be forced to deal with new attractions and distractions coming her way.

But do you really ever forget your first?

(For the full story, I highly encourage you to check out Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year first! )

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sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

I wish I could put this out like…yesterday! But, I don’t want you all to judge me for my grammar errors so editing has to happen first ;/. Until then, enjoy this sample!


I needed her. It had been far too long since the last time we made love. The way our bodies meshed together creating peak after peak of ecstasy was something my body continued to crave and I didn’t plan on going the rest of my life without feeling that again.

I didn’t think twice before I slipped out of bed, letting my feet gently dig into the plush carpet softening the sound of my landing. Opening the door was easy, but closing it would’ve caused too much noise so I left it cracked. I made my way down the stairs as best as my alcohol-induced state allowed me to. I rounded the corner, in hot pursuit of the door leading to the basement. But was stopped dead in my tracks by a familiar voice.

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sample sunday. attractions & distractions : freshman year

Happy Sample Sunday!

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ from my first book, Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year, now available on Amazon!

I shrugged off the sheet that was covering me to reveal that I was only in my bra and panties. Not by choice, but I couldn’t find any clothes to put on over it fast enough so I had given up. He licked his lips as he ogled me from head to toe. I felt so sexy under his gaze. He always made me feel sexy. He dropped the pajama pants he was wearing and pulled off his t-shirt, leaving him in only boxer briefs that clung to his muscular thighs. Then, he climbed into bed next to me.

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