the millennial struggle. the moment you question if you have your shiz together.


Scroll through any one of your timelines and what do you see?

Your friends and their newborn babies.

Your friends and their engagement rings or wedding photos.

Your friends in their master’s graduation pictures.

Your friends traveling the world.

And then there’s you…

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goodbye 23.


Rumor has it that 23 is like the worst age-year ever.

(I don’t know if “age-year” is actually a thing but whatever lol)

You’re no longer 21…or 22…but still not quite 25; most likely out of college and adapting to the “Real World”.

You are probably in your first job that is nothing like what you imagined it to be.

And life is just suppose to be borderline sucky for a whole year; right?


I mean, I wasn’t going out like that.

So I set off to make 23 one of my best years ever.

I didn’t know how I was gonna do it, what decisions I was gonna make that made me any different, but I just knew I wasn’t gonna make myself suffer through it.

Because….for what?

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the millennial struggle. social media.


“I’m like do it for the gram ho, do it for the gram ho.”- meek mill.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media as a millennial. It’s such a great resource, great networking tool, and obviously a great way to get the word out about things I need masses of people to know about. But I hate when people use it for dumb shiz. Or overuse it. Or try to use it as a supplement for getting out there in the world and actually meeting people. Or just get on my nerves.

Let me explain what I mean.

I love Instagram.

It’s simple.

Just pictures.

Maybe a funny video here and there.

Sometimes someone catches the best sunset on their iPhone or share an important life milestone, like getting married.

I digs that.

But I hate it when I see girls doing videos of themselves just making a bunch of faces with music playing in the background because they think its cute. Or when someone posts three+ pictures from the same bunch of selfies in a row. And don’t even get me started on when people post the one pic with the three different poses.

I get it; you were feeling yourself.

But save it for yourself, or for bae.

Don’t have a bae? Well how about potential bae?

Simply put, we don’t need all that.

Moving right along….

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song of the week.


“Do you wanna…do you wanna be…happy?”

“Do you wanna…do you wanna be…free?”

Yes, J.Cole; actually I do.

And this week just so happens to be filled with steps in that exact direction.

Last day at the job.

My last weekend in the hometown.

Saying goodbye to everything comfortable.

“They say that dreams come true and when they do that there’s a beautiful thing.”

Dreamchasing is the most exhilarating yet frightening thing but I’d regret not trying far more than trying and failing.

This is the only intro I’ve ever listened to on repeat.

It’s so simple but everything you need all at once.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I will this week.

(I’ve already listened to it like 10 times while making this post lol)

about senior year.

senior year?



Here we go.

Let me tell you a little bit about Attractions & Distractions : Senior Year.

Or better yet, tell you why it’s not out yet.

Writing the final piece of a series is hard.

Like super hard.

For one, you have the pressure of sending the readers off with fond memories of a couple. You have to get it right. Otherwise you’ll crash and burn and have a bunch of disappointed folks that will never read any of your books again.

(Yes, that’s really how I picture it.)

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the millennial struggle. being pop-culture savvy while still being socially-conscious.


Scrolling through Facebook one day, I noticed an increasing trend of posts about how things in pop culture were designed to distract you from other things happening in the world.

For example, the claim was that Drake and Meek Mill’s beef was designed to get you to ignore what had happened in Texas with Sandra Bland.

Now my question is…is it possible to be both pop-culture savvy and socially-conscious?
I think so.

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song of the week.


I love music.

90s R&B is my favorite.

In fact, you can pretty much figure out my musical tastes by listening to the Attractions & Distractions : Freshman Year and Junior Year playlist on Spotify.

But…I usually listen to whatever gets me in the mood to GSD (Get Shiz Done).

This week, my theme song is Preach by Young Dolph.


Putting the words aside….like how can you not get hype to it?


So for your listening pleasure… 🙂

And if you’re really feelin’ it, try to read the lyrics lol

why summer 2015 was the greatest summer ever.

Anybody who knows me knows I love to travel.

Like…I’d drive around in a RV for a year straight if I could.

But since real life duty calls, I have to sneak in trips when I can.

This summer, I fit in as many as my PTO and budget allowed.

Some people called it, “A World Tour”. But I called it, “The Greatest Summer Ever”.


ready for take-off.

It all started out in Minneapolis, Minnesota…a very, very random place but home of one of the biggest hip-hop festivals in the country, Soundset. After attending Soundset last year, I felt like it was mandatory to do it again. Some of the headlining acts included J.Cole (my fave!), Big Sean (my other fave!), Ice Cube, and Ludacris amongst others. AND to add to the fun, I recruited one of my closest friends to join the boyfriend and I.

BUT…then it rained…and rained…and rained.

Now that didn’t mean the turn-up stopped because it definitely didn’t.


ponchos on fleek. #heyboo

I was actually told by another concertgoer that I should’ve been on stage with Big Sean because I knew the words to every song he performed. LoL


I almost got into my first fight in life being this close to the stage… *shrugs* lol

Long story short, Summer 2015 started off with a rainy bang.

Soundset 2015

The only pic I got that didn’t feature my super clutch poncho.

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