song of the week.


I love music.

90s R&B is my favorite.

In fact, you can pretty much figure out my musical tastes by listening to the Attractions & Distractions : Freshman Year and Junior Year playlist on Spotify.

But…I usually listen to whatever gets me in the mood to GSD (Get Shiz Done).

This week, my theme song is Preach by Young Dolph.


Putting the words aside….like how can you not get hype to it?


So for your listening pleasure… 🙂

And if you’re really feelin’ it, try to read the lyrics lol

why summer 2015 was the greatest summer ever.

Anybody who knows me knows I love to travel.

Like…I’d drive around in a RV for a year straight if I could.

But since real life duty calls, I have to sneak in trips when I can.

This summer, I fit in as many as my PTO and budget allowed.

Some people called it, “A World Tour”. But I called it, “The Greatest Summer Ever”.


ready for take-off.

It all started out in Minneapolis, Minnesota…a very, very random place but home of one of the biggest hip-hop festivals in the country, Soundset. After attending Soundset last year, I felt like it was mandatory to do it again. Some of the headlining acts included J.Cole (my fave!), Big Sean (my other fave!), Ice Cube, and Ludacris amongst others. AND to add to the fun, I recruited one of my closest friends to join the boyfriend and I.

BUT…then it rained…and rained…and rained.

Now that didn’t mean the turn-up stopped because it definitely didn’t.


ponchos on fleek. #heyboo

I was actually told by another concertgoer that I should’ve been on stage with Big Sean because I knew the words to every song he performed. LoL


I almost got into my first fight in life being this close to the stage… *shrugs* lol

Long story short, Summer 2015 started off with a rainy bang.

Soundset 2015

The only pic I got that didn’t feature my super clutch poncho.

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teaser tuesday. an unconventional love

Soooo An Unconventional Love is dropping tomorrow and I’m soooo excited…and nervous….and anxious…and everything else lol but anyway!

Here’s another teaser – that was shared on Facebook (like the page!) – for Teaser Tuesday!


teaser tuesday. an unconventional love

So I shared this via FB – which if you wanna really stay up-to-date, you should probably go like the page lol – but I wanted to make sure I put it here too! Here’s a little teaser from An Unconventional Love, coming July 25th!

“Hey. Sorry I’m late. The brat had a load of questions.” I turned to find…whatever his name was, dressed down from his earlier attire but still looking exquisite. His good looks were almost enough to make up for the fact that he was twenty minutes late.

“It’s all good. But I’ve had a long day so I think I’m gonna jet.”

His face turned into a frown as he questioned, “Jet? But I just got here.”

“Yeah. You just got here but I’ve been here and am now ready to leave.” I reached down to retrieve my purse from the under counter rack before I felt that same warm hand except for this time it was covering mine. It felt like I was shocked by static but I knew that probably wasn’t the case considering there was nothing around to create that kind of energy.

So what the hell was that?

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sample sunday. an unconventional love


Hey Peeps!

It’s been awhile…I know I know, but I’m excited to share with you that *SOMETHING* is coming soon. (No, not Senior Year lol)

Here’s a sample from An Unconventional Love, featuring Jasmine from Getting the Edge.

I watched the flow of traffic out of my sideview mirror, waiting for a good chance to jump in. I had a solid half hour before my Contemporary Issues in Laws and Politics class was due to start but judging by the traffic that had yet to stop coming, I would be late as always. As I veered in once I thought the coast was clear, I instantly heard the collision of someone’s headlight against my bumper.

“What the fuck!” I put my car in park and hopped out to inspect the damage. For as bad as things sounded, there was only a small dent but that wasn’t gonna stop me from cussing whoever the driver was out after I snapped a quick pic of their license plate just in case they decided to do a hit and run. The second I heard the door to the 95 Honda Accord creak open, I wasted no time going in. “Are you blind?! Were you not paying any attention?! This is a BMW for Christ’s sake!”

“Calm down girl. It was an accident. Shit happens. Just chill out for a second.”

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sample-ish sunday. attractions & distractions : junior year.

So I love that people are enjoying Junior Year enough to have already finished it and I can’t WAIT to read everyone’s reviews but I received a question today that made me think…

The question was: Did Jaden ever tell Jordan what Natasha did because she never came back around after she was exposed.

For those of you that have at least made it to Spring Semester, you know what this is about, but for those that haven’t, close your eyes! lol

I picture this conversation happening around Finals Week/Christmas Break time but here it is as a little bonus read for all of your support!

I had to tell him.

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junyah year is live.

I don’t know why I keep insisting that Junior Year has some sort of twang, but I guess I’m just excited because book baby # 4 is live on Amazon! Yes, the wait for Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year is over. I hope you all will continue to enjoy the series and please leave a review! (only if you liked it lol I’m kidding)


(this post was originally published at on 5/16/15)

sample sunday. attractions & distractions : junior year


This time next week, Junior Year will be out on Amazon (as long as they aren’t on games lol)! But until then, here’s the first page of the book for Sample Sunday. 🙂

“Babe, you gotta believe me.”

I was trying my best to wrap my head around what was happening even though the pounding of my heart and the sweat accumulating in my palms were making things ten times harder to process.

I had literally just gotten back to California.

Ready to take on another school year.

Ready to move into my new apartment.

Ready to enjoy some blissfulness with Jaden.

And someone had anonymously sent me a picture with their mouth wrapped around his dick, implying that they had kept him busy while I was home for the summer. They called themselves, “My worst fuckin’ nightmare” and no matter how much I tried to fight the sentiment, it was definitely ringing true.

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teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : junior year

Junior Year is ALMOST upon us.

And I realized I’ve been posting all sorts of teasers to Facebook but none of them made it here so here we go! All of the teasers for Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year in one place!

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year
Line 1.
“Babe, you gotta believe me.”

Attractions & Distractions : Junior Year Playlist
Track 2. 

Attractions & Distractions: Junior Year Playlist
Track 4.

Attractions and Distractions : Junior Year Playlist.
Track 9.

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