release day.

So…one of the things that never gets old when it comes to being an author is release day. After spending however long with these characters on your mind, you finally get the chance to let them fly. And trust me, by release day, you are more than ready to get them out of your head and into the world.

This particular book is the first of a new sports-based college “series” I’m working on, so it was really fun to be able to get back in the college scene and add in something I love; sports.

So I hope you enjoy, share it with a friend, leave a review, and all that other good stuff. 🙂


(Sidenote: I worked really hard on this cover! lol)

teaser tuesday. the pregame ritual

teaser. TUESDAY!

(in my head that was in the Sister, Sister theme song voice lol)

ANYWAY, whenever this book comes out, hopefully by the end of the month, I’m gonna be so excited.

But for now, here’s a little teaser. 🙂


(teaser is unedited and subject to change)


Get your shit together, Ava.

I cursed at myself for missing my third free throw in a row. Even though today was our off day, I found myself at the court working on my weakness; free throws. There was something about all eyes being on me, counting on me for that measly one point that could actually be a game-changer, that kept me nervous about shooting them. So nervous that last season I shot a weak ass 70% from the line.

I had to get better.

I took a deep breath and lined my feet up before taking a few dribbles and lifting the ball in the air. The ball was on my fingertips when I heard from afar, “There’s your problem.”

Initially the voice startled me until I turned around and saw who it was.

He was the real problem.

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song of the week.


Happy news!!!

My latest venture, in MAJOR collaboration – as in she’s major, I’m minor lol – with Christina C Jones, has officially launched!

This site has been a dream of mine for awhile now, so I’m excited that we can finally share with you all.

SO with that being the case, this week’s song is representative of the excitement I feel towards this amazing website!

*Remember how annoying this song got to be…but now I love it again! lol*


sample sunday. the pregame ritual

Ahh Sample Sunday.

We meet again.

I’m so excited to share a sample from my next release; The PreGame Ritual.


(note: this is unedited and subject to change.)

Ava knows that she’s the best girls basketball player in the country at the collegiate level.

She knows that she’s going straight the pros once her senior season comes to an end.

And she knows that finding a man is the least likely thing to happen while she’s chasing that dream.

That’s until she meets Miles.

A freshman phenom who has no idea what college life is like but is in for a red-headed surprise with a mean crossover.

Their chemistry is a given, but will age be more than just a number?

Or will the pregame ritual be enough to even the score?

I was only a few steps out of the locker room when I heard someone call out to me. I turned around and found the kid heading my way, changed out of his basketball clothes to a casual t-shirt and jeans and carrying a duffle bag of his own. He did a little jog to catch up to me and I tried to show how unenthused I was to talk to him even though my heart had began to race after catching a whiff of his freshly showered scent.

“Can I help you?” He gave me a once-over and I rolled my eyes though I couldn’t deny the little hairs that suddenly wanted nothing to do with my skin.

“Actually you can. I was wondering if you could teach me that spin-move you used? That shit was lethal.” I knew the boys had stayed and watched most of practice but I hadn’t considered the fact that he could’ve been watching me.

I readjusted my bag on my shoulder as I said, “I’m sure you can find it on Youtube or something.”

“Damn superstar, you got it like that?”

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the millennial struggle. four things school never taught you.


Being an adult is tough stuff.

But…it’s definitely a lot tougher when you realize school didn’t prepare you for half of what adulthood consists of. I mean, we heard about everything (at least on this list) but we weren’t really taught how to handle them.

Feel me?


Here are Four Things School Never Taught You That Decided To Show Up In Adulthood.

1. Insurances.

Yes all of them.

Health. Dental. Life. Car. Home. Renter’s.

Whatever you can think of, they have insurance for it. And I mean that literally.

Some people are risky and decide to go without because they don’t believe anything will happen to them. Crazy choice, but rock on, rockstar. But for people like me, who care about my life and well-being, it’s confusing as finuck (lil’ scrappy voice).

Which brand do you sign up for? Does your doctor take the insurance your job offers? How much do you need to be insured for? What kinda deductible do you have?

 It’s tew much.

Especially when you hardly learned anything about it in school.

2. Taxes.

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song of the week.


“Do you know what today is….” – Tony! Toni! Tone! 

LoL terrible reference cause it’s definitely not my anniversary…

WELL…actually, it’s kinda my anniversary.

My Life Anniversary.

Yes, your girl is a whole year older.

24 to be exact.

And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t celebrate with the birthday song.

Not the standard.

Not even the Stevie Wonder version.

But still, The Birthday Song.

Totally inappropriate, but who cares?
It’s my birthday!

(Note: Please refrain from delivering big booty hoes to my door. I’m good. LoL)

the millennial struggle. the moment you question if you have your shiz together.


Scroll through any one of your timelines and what do you see?

Your friends and their newborn babies.

Your friends and their engagement rings or wedding photos.

Your friends in their master’s graduation pictures.

Your friends traveling the world.

And then there’s you…

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goodbye 23.


Rumor has it that 23 is like the worst age-year ever.

(I don’t know if “age-year” is actually a thing but whatever lol)

You’re no longer 21…or 22…but still not quite 25; most likely out of college and adapting to the “Real World”.

You are probably in your first job that is nothing like what you imagined it to be.

And life is just suppose to be borderline sucky for a whole year; right?


I mean, I wasn’t going out like that.

So I set off to make 23 one of my best years ever.

I didn’t know how I was gonna do it, what decisions I was gonna make that made me any different, but I just knew I wasn’t gonna make myself suffer through it.

Because….for what?

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the millennial struggle. social media.


“I’m like do it for the gram ho, do it for the gram ho.”- meek mill.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media as a millennial. It’s such a great resource, great networking tool, and obviously a great way to get the word out about things I need masses of people to know about. But I hate when people use it for dumb shiz. Or overuse it. Or try to use it as a supplement for getting out there in the world and actually meeting people. Or just get on my nerves.

Let me explain what I mean.

I love Instagram.

It’s simple.

Just pictures.

Maybe a funny video here and there.

Sometimes someone catches the best sunset on their iPhone or share an important life milestone, like getting married.

I digs that.

But I hate it when I see girls doing videos of themselves just making a bunch of faces with music playing in the background because they think its cute. Or when someone posts three+ pictures from the same bunch of selfies in a row. And don’t even get me started on when people post the one pic with the three different poses.

I get it; you were feeling yourself.

But save it for yourself, or for bae.

Don’t have a bae? Well how about potential bae?

Simply put, we don’t need all that.

Moving right along….

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