sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Check out a Sample from the latest book of the Attractions & Distractions Series, Sophomore Year, now available on Amazon!

I knew Jordan had planned to introduce me to his friends since I was gonna be around more often so I wasn’t surprised by the act. What I was surprised by was the way my mouth seemed to go dry when we approached who I assumed Jordan was gonna introduce me to. Dude wasn’t even cute. He was fine.

Tall, caramel, muscular, tattooed, and fine.

“Little sister, this is my boy Bryson. Bryson, this is my bigheaded little sister I was tellin’ you about.”

Did he really have to add that? 

I tried to hide my instant attraction to the tall glass of water as he extended his hand to me. I returned the handshake and was taken aback by the vibrations that seemed to go through my body the second I touched his palm. I pulled my hand back hoping he hadn’t caught the same tremors.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Alexis. This dude has been talkin’ about you ever since you got back in town so I had to see what the hype was about.”


“Well you can believe everything good he had to say.”

“And the bad stuff?”

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ten random thoughts. the attractions & distractions series.

As I was working on editing Sophomore Year, a bunch of random ish came to my head about the series. Lucky for me, I have a blog space to get those random thoughts out and into the universe. 😉

1. Alexis’s taste in music is definitely, without a doubt, all me. Like can’t even front. The Twerk Tape does exist! (On Songza…best workout playlist evaaa.)

2. Speaking of her, I almost changed her name 3/4 of the way through Freshman Year because it was too close to my name, Alexandra.

3. Speaking of things being too close to me,#Bae still asks me to this day if he’ll read it and feel like dude in The Best Man (yes when the bathroom changed colors because he realized what Harper did lol). The answer is no. This is not my story. Yes, my experiences as a college student helped shape the book (parties in the union, drinking, etc.) but this is NOT my story.

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teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

Soooo….if all goes right in the world (pray for me ya’ll lol), Attractions & Distractions: Sophomore Year will be available on Amazon this time next week! But for now, a little teaser. 🙂


Your favorite college kids are back.

Sophomore year is still a growing year, especially when it comes to Alexis and relationships. When unexpected circumstances put her under the same roof as Jaden for the school year, she’ll be forced to deal with new attractions and distractions coming her way.

But do you really ever forget your first?

(For the full story, I highly encourage you to check out Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year first! )

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sample sunday. attractions & distractions : sophomore year

I wish I could put this out like…yesterday! But, I don’t want you all to judge me for my grammar errors so editing has to happen first ;/. Until then, enjoy this sample!


I needed her. It had been far too long since the last time we made love. The way our bodies meshed together creating peak after peak of ecstasy was something my body continued to crave and I didn’t plan on going the rest of my life without feeling that again.

I didn’t think twice before I slipped out of bed, letting my feet gently dig into the plush carpet softening the sound of my landing. Opening the door was easy, but closing it would’ve caused too much noise so I left it cracked. I made my way down the stairs as best as my alcohol-induced state allowed me to. I rounded the corner, in hot pursuit of the door leading to the basement. But was stopped dead in my tracks by a familiar voice.

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sample sunday. attractions & distractions : freshman year

Happy Sample Sunday!

Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ from my first book, Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year, now available on Amazon!

I shrugged off the sheet that was covering me to reveal that I was only in my bra and panties. Not by choice, but I couldn’t find any clothes to put on over it fast enough so I had given up. He licked his lips as he ogled me from head to toe. I felt so sexy under his gaze. He always made me feel sexy. He dropped the pajama pants he was wearing and pulled off his t-shirt, leaving him in only boxer briefs that clung to his muscular thighs. Then, he climbed into bed next to me.

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it’s here!

I pretty much just wanna jig all day because I’m so excited BUT I thought I should probably share that my first book, Attractions & Distractions : Freshman Year , is available for purchase on Amazon!

Check out a Sample (literally 10%, thanks Amazon) and hopefully it’s enough for you to want more!


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teaser tuesday. attractions & distractions : freshman year

This time next week, Attractions & Distractions: Freshman Year will be available for purchase on Amazon! But for now…another teaser to keep you warm. 🙂

Can you guess who these texts are coming from???

teaserfresh teaserfresh2 teaserfresh3

Alexis + men = disaster.  At least, that’s how it’s always been. Still, she’s easily tempted by her new surroundings at the University of California to put a foot forward into the dating pool; just not her best one. Relationships and situation-ships quickly become a balancing act as she tries to survive her freshman year.

Jaden is something like an “it guy”, but not by choice. He would much rather live a quiet, normal life exactly opposite of the one the media portrays. So when he meets Alexis by chance, he instantly falls for her beauty, charm, and… normalcy. But he learns very quickly that dealing with her is anything but normal.

Tyree isn’t a man of many words; he prefers action. When, sweet, sexy, naive Alexis Martin becomes a resident in his dorm, he can’t help trying his hand at getting with her, even if she is a freshman.

Attractions and Distractions will take you on a bumpy ride through the struggles and triumphs of finding love on the college scene.

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sample sunday: attractions & distractions : freshman year

Here is an excerpt from my very first book (*cheers*), Attractions and Distractions: Freshman Year. Now available on Amazon!
“You know, you’re kinda witty.”“I’ve heard.”“It’s sexy as hell.” I tensed all over, but especially in my upper thighs. Something about the way he expressed his attraction, his interest…in me…I couldn’t handle it. Maybe it was the age difference; he made me wanna grow up and be on that level.“Are we done here?” I had to diffuse the situation fast. But the second it seemed like I was taking control, he made sure I wasn’t. He came back to what I considered my side of the desk, invading the little bit of breathing room I had.“Do you wanna be?” He bit his bottom lip slowly, looking directly in my eyes. I clenched tighter.

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